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Dallas Executive Airport Administrative Building


BV Detailing & Design, Inc. provides quality steel detailing services using current AISC and AWS specifications. We use the latest technologies to provide a full range of services for the efficient fabrication and erection of structural steel for commercial and industrial structures. We believe in the team concept and can work well with Contractors, Erectors, Engineers, and Architects to assure a smooth project. BV Detailing is an Associate Member of the AISC and an active member of the SDS/2 Users' Group.

BV Detailing is a registered user of Autocad and SDS/2. Design Data's SDS/2 is a leading edge software product specifically written for steel detailing using 3D solids modeling. The model is the central database used to convey project information.

BV Detailing has extensive experience with connection development. We use SDS/2 and Mathcad for calculations when required.

BV Detailing has developed numerous Python scripts to assist in the production of shop drawings. BV Detailing is on the leading edge in development of custom members in SDS/2 version 2015 including EmbedPL, EmbedAngle, TiltUp, SagRod, BentPL, RodBrace and Concrete Footing/Column. If you are interested in these custom members, post to the SDS/2 Detailing Forum.

BV Detailing can provide:

  • CNC data for Peddinghaus drill and punch lines
  • CNC data for Control Automation punch line
  • CNC data in DSTV format
  • DXF files for plate burner equipment
  • KSS and BIF files for project management software
  • CIMSteel Integration Standard (CIS/2), SDNF, 3D DXF and PML downloads
  • Numerous reports as PDF, Excel, or ASCII files
  • Submaterial details
  • BIM coordination
  • Custom Members written in Python
  • Python Parametrics

BV Detailing production staff:

  • Bruce Vaughan -Detailer - 40 years experience
  • Gary Donegan - Checker - 44 years experience (38 as a checker)

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