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The American General Center is the headquarters for the AMERICAN GENERAL LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY with two 5 story connected buildings totaling 350,000 square feet. The American General Center is located in Brentwood, TN just off I-65.

BV Detailing provided complete connection calculation services for this project. Calculations and shop drawings were checked and stamped by Warren Scott Goodrich.

Fabricator: Wylie Steel Fabricators, Inc. (Ken Petty)
Contractor: Turner Construction
Architect: Lohan Associates
Structural Engineer: LBYD, Inc.
Connection Engineer: Warren Scott Goodrich
  American General Center Looking Northeast          American General Center Aerial View
Detail sheet 36
Erection sheet E1
Erection sheet E2
Erection sheet E3
Erection sheet E9
Erection sheet E10
Erection sheet E15
Building Plan


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