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Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Location: Nashville, TN
Fabricator: Fabarc Steel Supply, Inc.
Miscellaneous Steel Fabricator/Detailer: Atchley Steel
Erector: Group Steel Erectors
Contractor: American Constructors, Inc.
Design Architect: David M. Schwartz/Architectural Services, Inc.
Architect: Earl Swensson Associates
Engineer: KSI Structural Engineers
Approx. 450 tons structural steel
Projected construction cost: $120 million
197,000 gross square feet
1900 seats on three levels, all with excellent sight lines
Neoclassical revivalist design with limestone exterior
Link to Nashville Symphony website

The Schermerhorn Symphony Center is designed to be an acoustical and architectural masterpiece and is destined to rate as one of the world's finest concert halls. The construction team of  American Constructors, Inc., Fabarc Steel Supply, Inc., and Group Steel Erectors also built the Country Music Hall of Fame a few years ago. The CMHOF is located on the next block.

Pictorial Views of the structural steel 3D model:
Isometric View 1 (Stick) (29kb)
Isometric View 1 (Wire) (1083 kb)
Isometric View 1 (Solid) (1416 kb)
Isometric View 3 (Stick) (29kb)
Isometric View 3 (Wire) (974 kb)
Isometric View 3 (Solid) (1361 kb)
Isometric View 1 is looking northwest.
Isometric View 3 is looking southeast.
Many concrete elements were entered into the structural steel model.

Roof Truss T4

Roof Truss T7

Roof truss temporary bracing plan.

Roof beam connection to Truss T1 top chord - W21x44 to W12x190

 The following pictures were taken on August 10, 2004 looking toward the CMHOF and downtown Nashville respectively.



 The following pictures were taken on February 22, 2005 looking east.

 February 22, 2005 Looking East  February 22, 2005 Looking East

 The following pictures were taken February 25, 2005 after the topping out party.



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